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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pani Vizhum Malar Vanam

By now millions of people would have sung this song as a karaoke, on a stage, in their bathrooms...just amazing song! As I had mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, Illayaraja is very kind to certain producer / director wherein music in their films stand out. One such director who happens to be that lucky person is yesteryear Producer-director Sridhar. Most of the songs in his movies become a superhit and end up being chart busters composed by none other than our "Mr. Raja".

This song brings back memories from 80s wherein this was one of my favorite solo number that I very often sang in various competitions (and won as well!). Easy on the ears with a feet tapping rhythm. While this movie Ninaivellam Nithya didn't turn out to be a hit, it introduced actor Gemini Ganesan's daughter Jiji as co-star opposite to Karthik (another actor Muthuraman's son).

Once again as it has happened before, I am not too very impressed with the karaoke track that I was able to get to perform this song, but have made my attempt with what I got.

Enjoy and please comment.

If you would like to download this song, please right click here and save target as..


  1. hi shiva, excellent rendition. i truly admired your singing. I need a big help from you. can you please send me the karaoke track to my id ashok.ramamoorthy@gmail.com. I need it very badly for a cultural evening at my office tomorrow. thanks


  2. Mr. Shiva, i liked your song, excellent and superb rendition, keep posting some of the favourite songs.