"music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life" -Beethoven

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adiyila Katr Adicha

While SP Balasubramaniam has sung several pathos songs, this one from the film Villan was a wonderful slow pathos song. Though very short, I was really impressed by the way SPB has sung this song. While at the oust this songs ooze sorrow, if you carefully listen to the lyrics, it in a way motivates one to keep fighting and move on with life.

I personally like this short song and wanted to do a karaoke of it. Enjoy!

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Kadhal Rojave..

This is one of my all time favorite song by SPB and music by AR Rehaman. At its time thiz song was at the top of the charts for many many weeks and in fact brought ARR to limelight and through its hindi version to bollywood. This was also one of my very first songs that I performed in a stage back during my days in Saudi Arabia. The lyrics is very refreshing and the video for this song was very captivating. Enjoy this karaoke attempt by me using my broken microphone.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Elamai Enum Poongatru...

This is an another wonderful song created by the 3 "G". Sung by the Great SP Balasubramaniam and once again magic created by the Great Ilayaraja. This song from the tamil movie Pagalil Oru Nilavu was penned by the Great Kanadasan. When all the right ingredients are in the mix, how can this not be one of everyone's all time favorite song.

So go ahead and enjoy my humble attempt.

Comments are welcome.

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Hello! I am Shiva...a singer who is passionate about tamil film music (Ilaiyaraja) and classical music (carnatic). On here, I plan to upload songs in karaoke that I have sung from various movies that are my eternal favorites. Feel free to get in touch or write to me about your thoughts. Here, I am uploading my first song, Ilaiyanila...from the movie Pazhanangal Mudivathilla. In this movie, SPBalasubramaniam sings this wonderful, lilting tune composed by another all time genious, Illaiyaraja.

Happy Listening...

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