"music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life" -Beethoven

Saturday, July 25, 2009

En Kadhale En Kadhale

Wow! what a song! This amazing song under genres blues sung by SPB, penned by Vairamuthu and music by ARR is really top quality. From the film Duet this song was at the top of the charts for several weeks in a row. This Vairamuthu's song when sung by SPB really brings the meaning to the fore.

Those were early days when people were really questioning or rather suspecting ARR's genius wherein lot of his songs had some similarity; however, this one really stood out and exhibited his ability to do blues to folk to carnatic...

I am a great fan of this song and was waiting for sometime to identify a good karaoke track. Once again I have made a humble attempt to recreate this great SPB song.

Hope you enjoy this one.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dancers Kondatum 2009 - Family Reunion Celebrations

Recently, in celebration of our family getting together after several years, all of our children had setup a talent exhibition program titled "Dancers Kondatum". I need to confess that it was an awesome evening wherein all of us thoroughly enjoyed the program put up by Prashanth, Ram, Suvarna, Sneha & Nikitha (all of them children of our family). Within a short span of time, these children conceived, scripted, performed and presented an excellent show that all of us were enthralled by such exhibition of outstanding talent. The evening was so infectious that I am unable to recall a single person not singing or dancing. Thanks to these kids this was one truly great evening that we all spent as a family.

In the true spirit of sharing this memorable & joyous evening, I would like to share short videos that I have now hosted in youtube. If you are interested please email me at usindians@optonline.com for video access.

Though some of you might not have been physically present on that day, I am sure when you see these videos it will bring a smile to your face.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Kangal Irendal Un Kangal

It has been a while since I have blogged here for good reason (vacation related travel, family get togethers, etc.). However, I took sometime amidst tight schedule to make this karaoke of this nice song Kangal Irendal Un Kangal... from the movie "Subramaniapuram" which incidentally happen to be name of a town in Bangalore where I had few wonderful cousins. What struck me about this song was music director James Vasanthan's guts to almost remake an old tamil song from the same ragam created by Illayaraja for the movie Kavikuil?, Chinna kannan Azhaikiran... sung by Balamurali Krishna.

This song in my mind was very refreshing and kudos to the music director, and relevantly new singers Deepa Mariam and Belly Raj.

The quality of the karaoke version I was able to get was not that great hence I had some difficulty in the rhythm and delivery of this song.

Enjoy the song and I am hoping to get more regular with my karaoke's

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