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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dancers Kondatum 2009 - Family Reunion Celebrations

Recently, in celebration of our family getting together after several years, all of our children had setup a talent exhibition program titled "Dancers Kondatum". I need to confess that it was an awesome evening wherein all of us thoroughly enjoyed the program put up by Prashanth, Ram, Suvarna, Sneha & Nikitha (all of them children of our family). Within a short span of time, these children conceived, scripted, performed and presented an excellent show that all of us were enthralled by such exhibition of outstanding talent. The evening was so infectious that I am unable to recall a single person not singing or dancing. Thanks to these kids this was one truly great evening that we all spent as a family.

In the true spirit of sharing this memorable & joyous evening, I would like to share short videos that I have now hosted in youtube. If you are interested please email me at usindians@optonline.com for video access.

Though some of you might not have been physically present on that day, I am sure when you see these videos it will bring a smile to your face.


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