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Thursday, November 26, 2009

En Iniya Pen Nilave

I don't think you'll hear me sing too many Jesudas songs, but there are millions of his fans who wouldn't believe if you tell them there are other singers as well (you know what I mean). However, one of my favorite Jesudas song is from this movie "Modu Pani" with Prathap Pothan and Late Shobha in lead roles. Besides Jesudas's voice, the greatness of this song is its simplicity. In those years when very little technology was prevalent, Illayaraja had to entirely rely on his brilliance when it came to handling / mixing instruments. The melody of this song and its cinematography was just too good.

I think I have made a decent attempt in bringing back memories for some of you and I hope to continue doing the same with few other forth coming songs.

As always, enjoy and please leave your comments.

If you'd like, you can download this song by right clicking here and save target as....

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