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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ankhon Mein Ajab Si

Ok, this is a song that I stumbled upon just couple of hours before I decided to make a karaoke. I haven't heard this song until I happen to visit another blogger's site wherein he had written so passionately about this song and infact recreated this entire song in his keyboard and some wonderful software to produce this almost replica of the original song from the Hindi feature Om Shanthi Om starring Shahrukh Khan. When I heard this the first time, I immediately decided to make a karaoke of this more so because of the effort and time put in by this wonderful Dr. Ashwinkumar Murthy http://drashkum.blogspot.com. Please note that the background score belongs to him.

It took me atleast couple of hours to understand the lyrics, tune and its gamakams. Hindi being not my first language, I found it a bit difficult to get the lyrics right though in the end I think it turned out OK; however, I still wanted to get this out and solicit your feedback.

As always enjoy and comment

If you would like to download this song, right click this link and save target as...

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  1. Good job mate!!. if you need some tracks for karaoke just buzz me ill try tp recreate it in my studio and give you the same

    on the other side there are a few sites like this http://clubkaraoke.blogspot.com/ which gives you karaoke tracks which you can try out.