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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jotheyali Jothe Jotheyali

I have been searching for a long time for this all time great Kannada song (Karaoke version) from the movie Geetha. What an amazing song by SPB and Janaki. Its feet tapping rhythm, captivating lyrics by Udayashankar and most of all scintillating / heartwarming music by Illayaraja is simply superb.

Since its Kannada version, we have heard its Tamil version in the movie Nooravadhu Naal starring Vijayakanth, Mohan (in negative role) and Nalini and recently in the Amitabh Bachan / Tabu starrer Cheeni Kum. Infact remake of this song in Hindi as early as couple of years ago (after such a long gap from its original version) goes to prove the ever greenness of this awesome song.

While it’s true that I am a great SPB fan, I liked this song particularly for its smoothness and melody.

I have tried this duet as a solo which in a way limited my options but still felt you all will like it.

Enjoy and comment.

If you would like to download this song, right click this link and save target as...


  1. Wow, this is very good!! great vocals from you (of course) and although it was for a short moment, Sneha's humming was just amazing!!! kudos for sneha (and u too :) )

  2. superb shiva...felt very nice after listening to this...my fav kannada song...!

  3. Such a lovely song.. and excellently performed. Thanks for sharing Shiva.

  4. wanna hear more of sneha bro.....and, we also need more SPB ilaiyaraja combo

  5. hello siva u sang very nicely. if possible means can you please send that karaoke track to my mail we can exchange karaokes

    my name is SANAL
    E- mail : SANAL9090@yahoo.com