"music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life" -Beethoven

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nandan Charitram Day

What a wonderful evening it was! I was blown away by the amazing talent our young Vidwans exhibited on 10th April 2010 under the auspice of Nandan Charitram Day sponsored by Dharma Palana Sabha, NY USA. Thanks to Mr. Swaminathan & Suseela Swaminathan for their commitment and untiring effort to have made this event a reality.

Children of all ages groups participated in this wonderful and amazing musical evening to celebrate the life story of Nandanar through select songs from Gopalakrishna Bharati's archives. The effort, practice & commitment shown by both children and their teachers his highly appreciable. This along with several other events that are organized to showcase our young Vidwans talents is an excellent opportunity for these budding musicians to grow and nurture our Indian culture and tradition.

Kudos to all the parents who amidst their busy personal schedule continue to stay committed to ensure that our culture and traditions are safeguarded.

While the evening was also an opportunity to raise fund in support of the much deserved Dayananda Sarawathi Ashram's initiative to re-initiate and energize the "Oduwars" in South Indian Temples, it provided an wonderful platform for these youngsters to learn and exhibit story of a pariah who became a saint.

I am confident our Indian culture and traditions are safe in these young hands and I am sure you'll agree once you see these videos capturing the moments on that wonderful evening of 10th April 2010 in Bridgewater Temple Auditorium, NJ USA.

Click the link below for the Nandan Charitram Day playlist that includes all of the videos.



  1. I am curious to know why the last group that performed on that day was left out in your presentation and also Nadabindhu Kaladi.

  2. Sorry about that; it should be on today. Video encoding is a time consuming process and I couldn't complete the last 2 clips prior to my business travel earlier this week.

  3. Thanks for the uploads! All the renditions were very good but my personal favourite was the song in Nattakurinji (Vazhimaraittirukkirade)

  4. In all the songs all the participants were focussed while singing except for one of the songs(inanmum), In this song one kid was totally out of focus always behind the camera. It was little dissappointing to see.

  5. I agree, its unfortunate. Given the camera position, angles and other guest's cameras that were obstructing my line of sight tremendously restricted my ability to cover the entire stage. Sorry about that.

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