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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Company Video Challenge

Late last year, we had a video challenge in my company requiring the participating teams to submit a 90 sec video; this was based on my company's 4 core values for a grand first price of a 42 inch LCD tv. The attached video in this blog was conceptualized, video-graphed, and edited by me, while my brother and one other team member provided able support. While we didn't win the 1st place, our video made it to the top 10 amongst 47 other submissions making us eligible for a consolation prize of 1 year free subscription for Netflix DVD rental.

I was really impressed and satisfied with the end product we delivered in this effort. Noteworthy in this video is that all the cast members are our colleagues who extended their cooperation in enabling this to the top 10.

Enjoy this video, filmed on one of our companies core values "Employer of Choice"

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