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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thrimurthi Day Celebrations - Bridgewater, NJ USA

Hi All
After quite a few years, I had the time and patience to sit and listen to carnatic music on the occasion of Thrimurthi Day celebrations in Bridgewater, NJ. I need to confess that I had some vested interest in the form of my daughter who was also singing on the stage. After sitting through this program for 2 hours, I concluded on two things: 1. I am going to attend more such programs 2. I felt that the future of our Indian culture and heritage is safe in the hands of these young kids who are aspiring to become tomorrow's MS Subbulakshmi, Semmangudi, Santhanam etc.

While at the oust I need to state that these kids have put in a lot of effort for this good performance, I am sure with more practice this could easily become outstanding in the near future. Kudos to teachers of these students for training these kids nicely.

I truly enjoyed this evening and I am looking forward to many more.

If you are unable to see the video below or would like to view the video in High Definition (HD), please click the title above for video.

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